Customize Your Food Creations With Theme Picks

Restaurant owners, bar managers, caterers and home cooks can benefit from customizing their food creations. There are many ways to add personal touches and customize the culinary treats you serve in your food establishment. However, some ways are much more effective and easier than others.

yellow braided picks

Customize your food creations by using pretty yellow braided picks.

One method of customizing food creations is by using theme picks, these types of picks are durable, high quality and modernized to fit well in any kind of food establishment.

Examples of how you can customize your food by using theme picks:

1. People who own high end restaurants can use lovely braided picks in their desserts and appetizers.

2. If you own a sports bar, then try using handpainted football, baseball or tennis skewers to hold your sandwiches together.

3. Caterers can put fruit on chic red mini ball skewers and create an amazing fruit platter.

4. Home cooks who are throwing a party for the sports lovers in their lives can make meatballs, sliders and chicken wings, then customize these treats by sticking handpainted basketball or golf tee skewers in them.

Theme picks are designed to meet the needs of today’s modern chef thus anyone in the food industry can use them to create their one of a kind food presentations. You can get these picks in different sizes, shapes and styles.

Theme picks can be used in upscale food settings or causal food gatherings. There are no limitations to where you can use these amazing picks.

Theme picks add a fun and exciting element to any kind of culinary creation, they amp up tablescapes, buffet stations and any food service line. Use these picks to add a customized touch to your food creations and show your guests just how talented you are when it comes to being a culinary god or goddess.

golf tee picks

Golf tee picks are perfect for sport themed parties.

You can obtain quality theme picks all year long at Restaurantware so take a few minutes to purchase your picks now.



Yummy Cornbread Recipe, Great Side To Serve With Your Favorite Chili

Do you love making chili on a cold winter day? Are you the kind of person who makes chili all year long? If so, you probably already have your favorite chili recipe, but perhaps you need to find a new side dish to serve with your chili. Here is a yummy cornbread recipe that goes perfectly with any chili creation. You are sure to impress everyone when you make your chili, this cornbread and serve the bread on natural looking wood plates.

small wood plates

Cornbread and Wood Plates go hand in hand, enjoy both today.

Wood plates offer a unique flair to food displays, especially a heart warming dish like chili and cornbread. These plates also are durable enough to use at outdoor or indoor food events. Wood plates will help you create one spectacular dining experience for party and restaurant guests.

Yummy Cornbread Recipe:

Ingredients you will need:

3 cups of cornmeal

5 cups of milk

4 cups of flour

2 Tablespoons of baking powder

2 teaspoons of salt

1 1/3 cups of sugar

4 eggs

1 cup of vegetable oil


Heat oven to 400 degrees, Put cornmeal and milk in a mixing bowl and stir until mixed well. Set aside.

Grease 9 x13 baking pan.

Put flour, baking powder, salt and sugar in a different mixing bowl, stir until these ingredients are well combined, then add the cornmeal mixture to the flour mixture. Stir until everything is thoroughly mixed, then add eggs and oil. Mix until all ingredients are mixed up and make a batter.

Now, pour mixture into your baking pan, bake for about 30 minutes. You can test to see if cornbread is done by sticking a toothpick into the center of it. If the toothpick comes out clean, then you can take bread out of oven. If the toothpick comes out sticky or wet, then cook bread a little longer.

Once cornbread is done baking and cooled, slice it and place slices on modern wood plates. Serve with your favorite chili recipe.






What You Need To Know About Catering Tableware

If you are thinking about starting a catering company or already have one, then you need to have the right tableware. Caterers must have the right tools to be successful and this includes having the proper tableware.

If you want to satisfy your catering clients and their guests, then using unique modern tableware is one of the keys to achieving this goal. Every caterer should have several wood tableware pieces in their arsenal of catering tools. There are many types of tableware pieces that are made from durable wood material.

wood plates

Every caterer should be using these charming 4.5 inch wood plates.

A list of wood tableware that should be in your catering supply box.

1. Wood Plates, a few particular plates that will come in handy are:

A. 4.5 inch square wood plates

B. 5.5 inch round wood plates

C. 5.5 inch square wood plates

  D. Rectangle wood plates

  E. 8.5 inch round wood plates

F. small rectangle wood plates

G. 7.5 inch round wood plates

2. Wood Cutlery

3. Wood Boats

4. Wood Cones & Stands

5. Wood Cups & Dessert Cups

6. Table Displays

round wood plate

Doesn’t this cupcake look remarkable on this modern wood plate?

Reasons To Use Wood Tableware:

Wood Plates are so versatile, they can be used for appetizers, desserts, side dishes, main dishes and much more. This is why you might want to purchase several different sizes and shapes of these plates.

Wood Plates add a charming natural element to food displays.

Wood Plates offer a depth of character to food presentations.

Wood Plates are durable so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or cracking during an important catering event.

Wood Plates will help you stand out from your competitors thus using this type of tableware will help you achieve your goal of becoming a successful caterer. So, don’t wait any longer, get yourself some wood plates, cups, cones, boats and cutlery today.


Be Unique With This Recipe And Plastic Bowl

Every chef likes to be unique because it shows their culinary fans how creative they can be in the kitchen, plus, it adds to the food presentation. You must admit that seeing a recipe served on unique dishes is better than seeing one served on a dull boring dish, right? The fact is when food looks great it just seems to taste better, too.

Thankfully, you can make a great tasting appetizer and serve it in unique creative plastic bowls, read on to find out how you can achieve this task.

mini tasting bowls

Seagreen Mini Tasting Bowls add a unique pretty touch to any food setting.

Tasty Tomato Soup Recipe Served in Unique Plastic Bowls:

Ingredients You Will Need:

4 cups chicken broth

2 cups onion, chopped

1 1/2 cups celery, finely chopped

2 Tablespoons of Basil, fresh is best, sliced thin

2 Tablespoons of tomato paste

4 Pounds of plum tomatoes, cut into wedges

salt, about a teaspoon

ground pepper, about 1/2 a teaspoon.

12 Tablespoons of plain yogurt

6 more Tablespoons of basil, sliced thin


Put first 6 ingredients in a saucepan, Bring these ingredients to a boil, Reduce heat and let them simmer for about half an hour.

Put half of this tomato mixture into a blender (remove the middle part of lid from blender so steam can escape), Put towel over the blender lid, including the hole part.

Blend until mixture is smooth.

Put mixture in a large bowl, Repeat putting tomato mixture in blender until you have it all mixed up.

Now, ladle spoonfuls of tomato mixture into classy and elegant plastic bowls. The Seagreen Mini Tasting Bowl works perfectly for this soup, it adds a special touch to any appetizer, soup or little side dish.

Top soups with a little sour cream and serve.

This recipe is a tasty appetizer, it would be a great addition to any restaurant, catering event or home party menu. Try it out today, don’t forget to serve it up in beautiful mini tasting plastic bowls.




Durable Plastic Bowls A Must For Catering

The way your food taste is important at any catering event, but the way you serve up that yummy food is also crucial to the outcome of the event. Every caterer must make the big decision in regard to what kind of tableware to buy for each and every event they cater throughout the year. This decision can be overwhelming because there are so many different types of tableware on the market, these days. However, many caterers are choosing to use plastic bowls along with other types of plastic tableware.

mini tasting bowls

Every caterer will want to use these plastic bowls.

Another thing that caterers need to decide is “where will they buy their tableware”? This doesn’t have to be a complicated task because all you have to do is visit Restaurantware for all your catering tableware. They offer only premium products. You will be amazed by their unique and modern plastic bowls. Of course, you can get other types of tableware from this popular catering supplier, too.

Plastic bowls have a lot to offer, they can help a caterer create a unique food display. You can expect Restaurantware’s plastic bowls to be equipped with these qualities:

1. Durability – All plastic bowls are made from premium plastic thus they are durable and strong.

2. Class – Every bowl adds a classiness to them, which means you can use them in any kind of food setting.

3. Versatile – The bowls come in many shapes, sizes and designs so you can use them for serving all your catering recipes.

4. Affordable – You will find that Restaurantware’s plastic bowls are affordable, even people who are on a tight budget can afford to buy them.

5. Unique – Every caterer wants to stand out from their competitors and plastic bowls are modern unique elements that can help you achieve this goal.

If you are a caterer, own a restaurant or throw home parties, then you truly can benefit from serving up your culinary goodies in modern plastic bowls. These vessels are truly heavenly gifts that have a lot to offer any catering event, restaurant or party so don’t delay, get some bowls right now.

incline bowl

Look at the elegance of this beautiful Incline Bowl.


Advantages Of Using Wood Cutlery

Years before the first piece of silverware was invented and used, people were using wood cutlery. In this day and age, wood cutlery has come a long way from that first day when a person picked up a piece of wood and turned it into a spoon. The style, design and durability of wooden utensils is worth discussing, especially with all of you who love cooking, eating and entertaining.

wood fork 5.5

Take advantage of these unique wood forks.

Wood material is an eco-friendly god send, it is 100% compostable. If you think about the overflow of junk that is taking up our landfills these days, then surely using a compostable cutlery is the best option in regard to tableware. Remember wood cutlery is disposable, but it is also a compostable resource. This means you will be helping out the environment when you use this type of cutlery. Plus, there are no harmful chemicals in wood cutlery so you can feel good in knowing you are offering your friends, family and catering clients an opportunity to use safe flatware.

Wood forks, spoons and knives add a charming natural element to food displays, they offer a uniqueness to restaurants, catering events and home party settings. You and your guests will really be impressed by the exotic style and designs of Restaurantware’s wood cutlery, it is praise-worthy, for sure.

Wood cutlery is solid, durable thus you can use it in both indoor and outdoor food events. As you may know, sometimes when a person throws an outdoor party they have trouble finding utensils that will hold up to outside elements, right? This is not a problem with wood cutlery. The toughness and sturdiness of wood cutlery is beyond anything you could want for any outdoor function.

baroque knives

Your guests are going to love these Baroque Knives.

The reality is using wood cutlery can help you create environmentally friendly, modern, classy and unique food displays so why aren’t you using it in your restaurants, catering companies and party setting? How about getting some wood knives, forks and spoons now? Your guests are going to be happy to see this type of flatware alongside your delicious culinary creations. Go ahead, order wood cutlery right now.

Wood Cutlery For Restaurants

Wood Cutlery for restaurants is now available at a price that everyone can manage thus even folks on a budget can get their hands on restaurant quality wood cutlery. Plus, this type of cutlery is durable, lightweight and disposable. You will be impressed at the luxury wood cutlery can bring to your tables and buffet settings.

wood spoons mini

Wood Spoons are high quality flatware, get some spoons now.

Buy Wood Cutlery if you want to save your company money.

Wood cutlery saves restaurants and catering companies time and money. When a restaurant has a good following than they also have to worry about washing dirty dishes on a regular basis, but by using wood cutlery you won’t have to worry about washing dishes all the time because it is disposable. You know that throwing away your cutlery is much more convenient than washing your cutlery. You can also save storage space by using wood cutlery since you can simply toss it away after using it.

Wood Cutlery comes in different sizes and styles.

Knives, Forks and spoons are needed in any restaurant environment and you can find these pieces of flatware in Restaurantware’s wood cutlery products. You can get durable and sturdy wood cutlery that will surely make a positive impression on your guests and customer base.

wood forks

Experience the luxury of using wood forks.

Using Wood Cutlery in high end restaurants.

Yes, you can use wood cutlery in high end restaurants. Matter of fact, wood cutlery is classy and adds a luxurious touch to any kind of restaurant or catering environment. As a restaurant chef, a caterer or a home cook you can truly benefit from using wood cutlery in your establishments or at any party. The quality and design of this type of cutlery is bound to please you and everyone who feasts on all your delicious culinary treats.


The Best Bamboo Bowls To Pick

The fact is many people all over the world are choosing to “go green” with appreciation for green technology. One of the main reasons for this is people have more interest in environment conservation now than in years past. This is why green products such as bamboo bowls are becoming more popular each and every day. Bamboo is one  of the materials that has reached new heights of popularity. It seems that many household items that people are buying have been made out of bamboo.

Did you know that your friends and family will appreciate your culinary talents more if you show them your creative artsy side? You could even surprise your friends by purchasing bamboo bowls, then filling them up with your favorite recipes and being them out for the world to see at a party that host for your friends. Bamboo bowls are pretty and come in different sizes.

bamboo bowls 2 ounce

These bamboo bowls are eco-friendly vessels.

One bamboo bowl that you can find at Restaurantware is a 2 ounce Bamboo Bowl, this vessel is made from the finest eco-friendly bamboo material. It is will fit perfectly into a “going green” themed party setting. Plus, this bowl is durable and adds charm to parties, catering events and restaurant establishments.

Another bamboo bowl that you can obtain at Restaurantware is a 7 ounce Bamboo Bowl, this vessel offers charm, sophistication and elegance to any food setting. It is definitely the kind of bowl that you must use in any “going green” party function.

b bowls

Bamboo Bowls work great in restaurants, catering events and at home parties.

Bamboo bowls are affordable, versatile and most importantly a big part of green technology. They are made from a sustainable resource, bamboo, which means these bowls are durable, classy and can be used in upscale or casual food environments. You can also save on clean up by using these fabulous bowls because all you have to do is dispose of the bowls after your guests use them. Can’t beat that, right?

Go ahead, get bamboo bowls today because they are the best choice in regard to picking party, catering or restaurant bowls.

5 Tips For Decorating Using Bamboo Tableware

People have been decorating with bamboo products for years and years. It’s natural tones offer charm and class to any kind of party environments. Bamboo has a durability and style that allows it to fit into any type of catering or restaurant facility. Party hosts, chefs and caterers have been utilizing bamboo products and tableware for many years by making it a part of their overall decor and tablescape.

bamboo bowls 2 ounce

These bamboo bowls add charm to any restaurant or catering decor.

Here are 5 Ways That You Can Use Bamboo Tableware In Your Restaurant or At Your Party.

1. Bsmboo Bowls – These bowls come in different sizes and designs thus they make the perfect element to use in any kitchen. The best part about bamboo bowls is that they have a class and charm about them. This means you can use these bowls for serving your favorite food items or as decorations in a restaurant setting.

2. Bamboo Plates – These type of plates offer a modern touch to tablescapes. You can easily use these plates on buffet stations or as part of a sit-down restaurant dinner. You can also put a bamboo plate and bowl down onto a stand in a dining room to accent your decor.

3. Bamboo Cups – These kind of cups can be used for showcasing non-edible and edible items. For example: You can fill them with pretty flowers or put homemade cheese sticks in them. No matter how  you choose to use bamboo cups they can enhance any decor in any kind of food setting.

4. Bamboo Cones and Stands – Bamboo cones have become very popular in the food industry so when you use these cool products you will be demonstrating a modern twist to your food displays.

5. Bamboo Cutlery – Bamboo cutlery is durable, tough and looks magnificent in any kind of party setting, it can complete a tablescape and add just the right element to any restaurant or catering event.

b bowls

Bamboo Bowls offer charm and class to any food display.

Decorating with bamboo can be fun and exciting, it can bring class and charm to a restaurant, hotel, bar or any food setting for that matter. Your customers and party guests are bound to be pleased with your decorating style when you use modern bamboo bowls, plates, cups and other forms of bamboo tableware.

Bamboo Cutlery Is Designed For Entertaining – Recipe Included

Anyone who loves to entertain should read this article, it is all about bamboo cutlery. This type of cutlery doesn’t get enough praise, it truly deserves to be on the top of every chefs tableware basket. There are so many great things about bamboo cutlery, it is durable, stylish and designed in a fashion that allows you to use it every time you entertain at home or at your business.

You can get charming bamboo forks, spoons, knives  to use in restaurants or at a catering event. Your guests will love the uniqueness about this cutlery so be prepared to hear lots of positive feedback in regard to this cool cutlery. One particular piece of Bamboo cutlery that seems to be very popular these days is the 4.25 inch Carved Bamboo Spoon. It is a stylish, well made spoon that makes the perfect amuse bouche, appetizer or dessert spoon.

carved bamboo spoons

This delightful bamboo spoon will add just the right finishing touch to appetizers, amuse bouche and so much more.

If you would like to see why so many people are falling in love with carved bamboo spoons, try serving up this yummy rice recipe on these spoons the next time you entertain.

Yummy Rice With Red Onion Recipe

Ingredients you will need:

2 Tablespoons of Vegetable Oil

2 small red onions, chopped

2 cups of long grain rice

2 teaspoons of black pepper

4 cups of chicken broth


Heat up vegetable oil over medium heat, put onions in oil, cook until almost soft and tender. Now, stir rice in with onions until rice is lightly brown and onions are tender, then season with your black pepper and pour in chicken broth. Bring mixture to a boil, turn heat down to low and cover pan. Now, simmer rice for 20 minutes, then uncover, take off heat and serve by putting a scoopful of rice on a cool Carved Bamboo Spoon.

This makes an awesome amuse bouche or appetizer treat, hope you enjoy it at your next entertainment activity.